We have been seeing raffles for sneakers for the last couple years now, some people hate them, some people love them.  Not every raffle is done equally, some generate so much profit it is crazy, while others make just enough to cover what a resale cost could have been.  These Jordan XI Pantone samples are rare, estimated value is $10,000 per Ben Baller, and you have a change to win these, Space Jams XIs, Cool Gray XIs, or Concord XIs with purchase of one raffle ticket.  How much are they?  $84 each.  Limited to 399 slots at $84 each spot…. I will do the math for you, that is $33,516. looking at a potential profit more than $22000.  I think that is a bit crazy, BUT, you also have a 1 in 399 chance to win Jordan XI Pantones!  What do you guys think, dope or nope?

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 4.31.27 PM

Info By Ben Baller:

“So now chups_shop is raffling off a pair of these $10,000 Pantone Jordan XI’s!!!! And 3 other pairs of shoes as well! Details are as follows: $84 per slot. Maximum of 2 slots per person. Only 399 slots available. Send Paypal. (Send as gift) For more info message @fsv88 (Instagram). Once all slots are paid. Will announce date of raffle. Other shoes in raffle include: Air Jordan XI Space Jam size 11. Air Jordan XI Cool Grey size11. Air Jordan XI Concords size 11. Slots will fill up fast! #ChupsShop”

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source benballer Chups