It seems that every weekend there is a shoe that I want to purchase. It could be a dope collab from Asics or New Balance to the Lebron XI or the most recent Jordan Retro.  It also seems that every weekend I am in the same predicament: “Do/Can I drop $160 – $250 on a shoe this weekend?” If you are like me money was not or is not exactly the most readily available asset in my life. Not to say that I am lacking, but at the same time as I have grown older it has become more of a financial analysis of benefits and costs, rather  than just going and spending whatever I had saved up on the newest pair of kicks. The only problem was that in lean years or bountiful years I cant deny my slight addiction to buying shoes and was always looking at blogs, or online stores looking for sales. However what I discovered through this was not that I always had to be ready for a sale, but rather that if I was not so focused on the price tag and the name associated with the shoe there were actually extremely appealing shoes within my budget (i.e Air Flight Maestro and Air Flight 89 both under $100). So even in lean times, I could still satisfy that urge to get a new pair of shoes without strangling my wallet. I’m hoping that someone out there relates to that sentiment and will appreciate this segment where I will attempt to find dope shoes that are around or under $100 aka #CheapSuit (Rush Hour 2 reference for the young’ns).

Adidas has personally been a peripheral brand for me. One which I was aware of as an iconic brand associated with RUN DMC and Missy Elliot track suits rather than a producer of something that I would consider put on my feet. Recently however they have began to sway me with eye catching color schemes on a few of their ZX products. I came across three colorways over at sneaker politics that will sure to interest a few readers. Offering a brown suede and an aquatic multi-colored themed ZX 700 for only $75, I can see these as a nice comfortable option for days when you would rather not unpack the recent $150+ investment that arrived at your door. The black and red ZX 750 for $95 also shouldn’t be a burden on your wallet if you are in search of something comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable.

If these classic retro runners grab your interest, leave a comment below and then check out sneaker politics to grab a pair.

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Source: Sneaker Politics