Adidas Unveils New NBA “ON-COURT” Collection

The NBA and Adidas have officially revealed this years new NBA on-court collection. All 30 teams will be fit with the new collection it will include an On-Court Warm-up Jacket and pants. The jacket features graphics on the sleeves and front panel of the jacket. The sleeves and trim of the jacket will be a contrasting color to the jacket, with the teams logo on the back of the jacket. The Warm-Up pants will be Adidas normal three stripe pants with ventilation to keep the players cool during there Warm-Up. It will also have Varsity Warm-Up jacket that will have that classic varsity look, with the teams logo on the back and left chest of the jacket. It will have a short sleeve and long sleeve shooting shirts, The long sleeve will feature the teams name written across the front chest area of the shirt with impact camo sleeves. The short sleeve shooting shirt will have the team letter logo on the left chest and the players name and number on the back of the shirt. It will also have an impact camo print across the entire shirt.


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Source: NBA Blogs