Adidas Crazy 8 Red Python Customs for Jimmy Butler by JP Custom Kicks

JP Custom Kicks, is getting some great buzz around his latest creation!  a “Red Python” Crazy 8 shoe worn by Jimmy Butler on NBA opening day!  These have a Python upper and a Chicago Bulls logo on the heel. With it being “Red October” and no Yeezy 2 release in sight, these can maybe help ease the pain for those wanting to see some red sneakers.

adidas-crazy-8-python-jimmy-butler-01-570x487 adidas-crazy-8-python-jimmy-butler-02-570x807 adidas-crazy-8-python-jimmy-butler-06-570x378 adidas-crazy-8-python-jimmy-butler-03-570x493 adidas-crazy-8-python-jimmy-butler-04-570x444 adidas-crazy-8-python-jimmy-butler-05-570x418 adidas-crazy-8-python-jimmy-butler-07-570x481 adidas-crazy-8-python-jimmy-butler