Here is a list of my top 5 colorways that nike needs to make.  In my opinion they should not focus on some of these printed foams and go back to the roots, there are a couple colors they need to make I think!  If you have any other color combos you think they need leave a comment! Here is my list:

5- Gamma Blue Foamposite One

While they have made many different blue versions of foamposites (Royal Blue, Carolina Blue, Electric Blue), we have not seen a Gamma Blue Foamposite yet.  I really like this idea especially with all of the love Gamma Blue has received in 2013.  I know my design may be off a bit in color, but you get the idea!



4 – Grape Foamposite One

We have already seen an “eggplant” foamposite in the past, but these would not have the metallic finish, call them grape if you will, but a purple upper foamposite would be cool I think.,




3 – Green Foamposite One

We have Pine Green, and Electro Green foams, but we dont have any regular “duck green” foamposites yet.  Even though I am a Beaver fan, I respect the fact that an Oregon Green Foamposite should make an appearance at some point.



2 – Orange Foamposite One

I have been waiting for these for years!  I waited so long in fact that I ended up having 2 pairs of custom OSU Foamposites made.  I want an orange foam!  metallic orange, matte orange, glossy orange, I don’t care, just give me an orange foam please!  Below are 2 different versions I designed:

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 1.24.56 AM orangefoamposite


1 – Gold Foamposite One

This one is an easy first place for me.  Having the Copper Foamposites and the Pewter Foams, I think it is only fitting they give us a gold foamposite.  Now they never called the Copper foams “Bronze foamposites” or the Pewter foams “Silver foamposites”, but these gold foams should be made so I can complete my “medal” /”metal” pack!

gold foamposite gold goldfoam