We have seen a trend in nike “lifestyle” sneakers in recent times, and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere.  Last year we saw a Nike Lebron Lifestyle X and a Nike Kobe 8 Lifestyle model as well.  Both of these sneakers reminded me of Vans with artistic stylings of each of the respective models.  OK, I get the concept, I just don’t personally love it.  The regular models of these shoes are “lifestyle” shoes already, we don’t need a model suggesting that IMO.

nike-lebron-x-nsw-lifestyle-hazelnut-new-1  mexican-blanket-kobe-8-release-date


So now we are seeing more images of Lebron XI lifestyle shoes and KD 6 Lifestyle shoes, and I have to say, Nike, please just stop it.  Now if you like these shoes, then don’t let my rant offend you.  I just really think they are taking a good think and really making it a joke.  Is it for money?  Who knows.  I can’t see them profiting a lot on these models, but for those that can’t get the “real thing” i guess these could be the next best thing.  Also i understand, these are off court shoes, the father models are performance sneakers that maybe shouldn’t be worn as casually.  I still think its a segment of the market that should just die.  The Air Jordan 3 is probably one of the most popular models, and it is a straight up lifestyle shoe now a days.

The KD6 NSW Lifestyle shoe doesn’t have much resemblance to the KD6 obviously the KD6 is a lowtop,the NSW is a high.  That being said, the KD6 NSW could take on its own popular following since its not biting the other model as hard.  I still don’t like them.  The Lebron XI lifestyle is a complete fail to me.  The futuristic look of the Lebron XI is a hit or miss for most people, a lot of people say “I can’t see these worn casually”.  I don’t agree with that, i think they look like a performance shoe, but also I am betting the will release colorways that will change poeple’s minds about the shoes.  Now the Lebron XI lifestyle shoe?  No.  Just no.  You can’t take a futuristic looking sneaker and add a textured panel on a street shoe, it looks stupid.  Anyways, that is enough for today, let me know your thoughts.

nike-kd-vi-nsw-lifestyle-birthday-3 Nike-LeBron-11-NSW-Lifestyle Nike-LeBron-11-NSW-Lifestyle-4 Nike-LeBron-11-NSW-Lifestyle-3 Nike-LeBron-11-NSW-Lifestyle-2


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