These look legit.  I remember when I heard Wade would be leaving Jordan Brand, months before it happened, I was surprised to be honest.  But now that he has transitioned over to LI-NING, Jordan brand has other star athletes to fill his shoes, literally, and Wade has moved on to something unique.  I say this because many athletes have tried to go off on their own brand, and even the star power they bring, it cannot sell a shoe that sucks.  Wade has something different.  With the quality issues of Jordan Retros constantly in the spot light it leaves room for another company to make some headlines.

At first glance, this shoe looks like a poorly made knock off of a Jordan 3.  Well at least to those die hard Jordan fans, that only usually look at Jordan sneakers (EI: Me).  But as you dig deeper, you will see that the Way Of Wade sneakers are crafted very well, some say better than any retro jordan on the market.  Premium leather, which is something Jordan Brand seems to have forgotten what that is.

The fact that the colors are the same and Michael Jordan’s Bulls, red, black, and white, it is crazy to me to see a new produced shoe that resembles a remodeled retro hitting the market in these colors.  I mean that in a good way though.  With all the technology these days, no shoe companies seem to be focusing on making shoes the old fashioned way with old fashioned materials.

I am curious to see where this company goes, the fact that last years model was not easy to come by, and it peaked the interests of many sneaker heads, could have been a smart move for the company.  Now if these have a larger release and they play the same game that Nike / Jordan does and release limited quantity and colorways then WOW will be on track to land in the hands of hypebeasts and resellers.  Time will tell.

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Images by: SoleCollector