Here are some detailed pictures of the upcoming retro of the unique Gary Payton (GP) Glove, or “The Glove”.  As a long term nike basketball fan, I remember these sneakers when they dropped, and they were epic.  I had the black white and red pair, with the neoprene zip cover.  I got these from Marshalls for $39 dollars!  I told my friend about these since he was a huge fan, and he bought 3 pairs.  That was the first time i ever new of someone stocking sneakers and i asked him “why?” he said he really loves the shoe and if he gets extra sneakers then he can thrash the ones he has and then always grab an extra pair from his closet, otherwise he would never be able to get them again since they would be unavailable.

Well since Nike is fond of bringing back out childhood, we are getting another chance to buy these again, and I am hoping to get the OG colorway I had back then!  Only this time I imagine i will be paying much more than $39 lol.

Nike-Zoom-Flight-The-Glove-HOME-9 Nike-Zoom-Flight-The-Glove-HOME-8 Nike-Zoom-Flight-The-Glove-HOME-7 Nike-Zoom-Flight-The-Glove-HOME-6 Nike-Zoom-Flight-The-Glove-HOME-4 Nike-Zoom-Flight-The-Glove-HOME-3 Nike-Zoom-Flight-The-Glove-HOME-2 Nike-Zoom-Flight-The-Glove-HOME-1

Photos via SA.