Air Jordan XX8 Lite “Black / Metallic Gold” (Detailed Look)

Ever wonder what the Jordan XX8 would look like without that pesky little coving?  These images of the Air Jordan XX8 have surfaced, and I like what I am seeing!  They look similar to the Superfly 2, but a more premium version IMO with the carbon fiber laid out just like the XX8 Air Jordan.  These look very clean however IMO, and I can see people wearing these more casually than the Jordan 28s.

air-jordan-xx8-lite-black-metallic-gold-1 air-jordan-xx8-lite-black-metallic-gold-4-570x379 air-jordan-xx8-lite-black-metallic-gold-2-570x379 air-jordan-xx8-lite-black-metallic-gold-3-570x379 air-jordan-xx8-lite-black-metallic-gold-5-570x379

Source: SF