Here is another look at the upcoming release of the “3lab5” Jordan Vs.  These have been hated on since the first pictures surfaced, but I personally think these are great.  The “3 Lab 5” concept with the all over elephant print is very busy looking, but i think it is actually well done, and this isnt the first time we have seen a mostly elephant upper, the Jordan Retro 3 “Flips” or “Black Flips” both had mostly elephant print also.  The premium leather liner on these look great and the element behind the tongue looks cool.  There is rumor that we will see more in this series such as a possible “5 lab 3” (5lab3) and curious what others we will see.  This is sort of like the next level of hybrid, where its not parts and pieces from different jordans making a shoe, but inspired colorways and designs from previous models.  The box looks dope also, its nice to see a special box, the price on these have been controversial, at $225.

I did a video on my thoughts about these shoes and how it will sell out., check it out:


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