2014 “Oregon Duck” Foamposite PE? (U of O)

Could it be, an actual official Oregon Duck “U of O” Nike Foamposite PE shoe coming in 2014?  Sole-up teased a photo of these.  You can see they definitely dont look like customs, and you can see the “Oregon Ducks” written on the back, along with the duck feet from the Oregon Jordan 3s.  It looks like there is some possible black pin stripes or something in the actual design of the sneaker, hard to tell.  Will be curious what become of these.  As an Oregon State fan, and the person who helped create the “Oregon State” Foamposite customs, I don’t care that much because I dont want Oregon Duck sneakers.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 12.49.18 AM



As you can see here, these are my custom OSU Foamposites that i had JP Custom Kicks create from my vision: