2013 Jordan Melo M10 Detailed Look

The Jordan Melo M9 sold a lot more than us “sneakerheads” would have assumed, this Forbes report Melo made 40 Million in sales, compared to Kobe’s $50 Million in 2012.  The Kobe sneaker seemed much more popular, but the numbers are there!  This year, Melo and JB are back with the M10, and the images have had mixed feelings, but all I can say is with the “flight plate” technology, these will be a big upgrade in performance for next years Melo!


Jordan-Melo-M10-31 Jordan-Melo-M10-21 Jordan-Melo-M10-11 Jordan-Melo-M10-7 Jordan-Melo-M10-6 Jordan-Melo-M10-5 Jordan-Melo-M10-10 Jordan-Melo-M10-9 Jordan-Melo-M10-8

Photos via SN.