Top 10 Running Shoes Nike Should Retro! Bring Them Back! 1998-2000

This list is something i created last year in a video, wanted to recap a top 10 (from a top 5) of the running sneakers i want to see Nike retro!  Please note, i realize a couple of these sneakers are not actually running shoes, but wanted them to retro regardless. Check out my vid here for my top 5 previously.


So most of these are from 1998 – 2000, seems the era of dope running shoes where back then!  I am not a runner however, i want these to be retroed for the sake of having these as lifestyle sneakers. Enjoy the list!


#10 Nike Presto

Release Year: 2000

I dont want a hybrid, i want the OG colorways, and the fun ones at that.  I have owned 4-5 pairs in my days and the Presto then, is what the Roshe is now.  Comfortable, relaxed, and the sizing of S M L was an interesting twist. I want some of the colorway’s you see below, Lava, Lightning etc.467c493f5-nike-air-presto-lava-2001-borisboris-kicks-box


#9 Nike “Air Max 120”

Release Year: 1998

This one was hard one for me to remember the name, i always wanted to call it the Air Max 180, but we all know that is a differnt shoe.  I loved the verigation of colors in this shoe from orange to yellow.  This is another great shoe from the “alpha project” era. I know its not a running shoe, but i definitely want this OG colorway back.


#8 Nike “Air Tailwind IV”

Release Year: 2000

Or is it the Nike “Air Tailwind B” on the Nike “Air Tailwind 4”?  I found it a very difficult shoe to search of considering how popular the shoe was when it released.  Another shoe i had at least 4 colorway’s in, and loved every one. Full length air unit, made me feel special, but for a more affordable price that the Air Maxes that came out.  loved the design, i hope they retro some of the old colorways as well as create some new one but again, no fusion, i dont want nike Free bottoms, i just want the original sneaker!

nike-shoes-309306031-left 9980_1


#7 Nike Air Sunder Max – (Deep Ocean Gold – Dandelion)

Release Year: 1999

I always loved the upper on this shoe with the zip!  I thought it was such a futuristic looking shoe, and it definitely turned heads when i used to wear these!  I cant find much info on these either unfortunately but i want to see these back with yellow OG colorway and some now ones as well.




#6 Nike “Air Zoom Seismic B”

Release Year: 2000

This was another “Visible Zoom” Air sneaker that i loved, however this one i never owned.  I always thought it was a dope shoe, and to see these come back so i could own my 1st pair would be epic!




#5 Nike “Air Max Alpha Project”

Release Year – 2000

I didn’t remember the name of this shoe, still not 100% if this is the name so please comment otherwise but this shoe was another one i wanted, never got.  The Air Max series is a little fuzzy to me, as i am not sure if they had an official “Air Max 2000” but this design along with many others had my interested back than and still do to this day.

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 8.40.59 AM


#4 Nike “Air Max Plus” (Tuned Air)

Release Year: 1998

I still remember seeing these for the first time, i was curious about the “tuned air” technology which was first of its kind, but more importantly these shoes were loud!  loved the original blue colorway and and that is the one I want to see back.  I know they have retroed here and there (supposedly some overseas in 2013) but i haven’t seen them, and i am looking for either of these 2 OG colorways!



#3 Nike Air Kukini

Release Year: 1999 / 2000

This shoe was another one from that era of epic print uppers, and original designs.  No other shoe on the market looked like this with the vibrant “pool blue” colorway and gum like laces.  The idea of just slipping on the shoe was a refreshing twist, and done so in such a cool fashion.  I know they did retro some of these, and yes they made the damn “Nike Free” versions of these, but i want the original colorway damn it!



#2 Nike Air Zoom Citizen

Release Date 1999

Not sure why, i always refer to these and the “Nike Citizen Zoom Air” which is backwards lol, but i love these shoes.  it was the first shoe that i remember with a visible zoom air pocket with the flexing air fibers that bent as you compressed the sneaker.  To me these were not as much of a gimmick as the traditional  Nike Air, so i believed at the time.  I had the Orange / Gray coloway and loved these, i recently missed out on a pair in my size on ebay.  righting this article I immediately regret not buying them for $150!  Please bring them back Nike!



#1 Nike “Air Max Deluxe” & Nike “Air Tuned Max”

Release Year: 1999 & 1999

Yes i know i shouldn’t have two #1 spots, but its my article lol and i love both of these sneakers!  The Nike Air Max Deluxe I owned in this eye catching colorway, and i have been on the hunt for these on ebay for at least a year now. (need in a size 9-10 if anyone has them lol) Such a great shoe, loved the upper design and orange air unit.  Now the Nike Air Tuned Max was a shoe that i remember seeing and wanting, but funds were limited back then.  I had to pick and choose what i could own, and as you can see by this top 10 list, many sneakers happened between 1998 and 2000!  I would love to see both of these back again as they take my #1 spot!



Photo Credits: Sneakernews Flightclub Google (If i missed credits its because it was hard to find them)