Tips On How To Find Sneaker Deals & Steals On Ebay

These are some of my tips for how to find deals on ebay! If you have more tips leave a comment!

I find deals 1 of 2 ways:
1- sort filter by Ending Soonest
2- sort filter by New Listing

Now how you find items can be the real tricky part. lets say you search for a “Jordan Retro 11” well you may miss items that are listed as “Jordan Retro XI”. so it most cases you will have to create multiple filters in case you miss anything.

My most success comes from creating a general filter like simply “lebron”. Then i do an “advanced filter” and sort on newest listed. I follow up by searching under my size 9, 9.5, 10. this way i catch all the items that are mislabeled or have a poor description. you can really find some gems this way.

Once you find some items you want, be sure that the seller has good feedback! you can never be sure with sellers, so the more feedback with 100% rating the better. You also want to be sure to double check the description, make sure it was a smoke free environment, etc.
You should be careful with shoes that have a lot of replicas out there also, as you can never be sure what you are getting.