The ShoeZeum Owner Jordan Geller: MUST Watch Youtube Channel!

If you have been living under a rock and don’t know what “The ShoeZeum” is, i would like to formally welcome you to your first experience with this introduction to the worlds largest sneaker collections.  Jordan Geller has the most insane collection of nike / jordan sneakers anywhere, only to be matched by his plethora of knowledge about the sneakers.  I randomly was watching youtube sneaker videos last week and a a ShoeZeum video was in my related section, so i clicked on it.  I was blown away.  I found myself going down memory lane with his sneakers an insight to the sneakers i once loved.  not just the most popular sneakers we all know, random nike running shoes, themed packs that i didnt know about, how the Lebron South Beach 8 wasn’t the 1st pair of “south beach” inspired nikes, the air max 95 had a pair before that.

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If you havent watched his videos, you need to subscribe to his channel.  If you look at his time line, his first intro video to the ShoeZeum was over 2 years ago, and he really didnt start making videos until a month ago.  But now he releases content daily, and top notch content at that.  Many of the videos he mentions all his sneakers are for sale, and i know deep down the videos he produces are a marketing ploy from him to hopefully raise the value of the sneakers he is selling, in hopes of raising the hype / value.  I think its genius though, and it really is fun learning about the history of sneakers that you may not have had an appreciation for.  check out some of his videos here and be sure to subscribe:

The Original ShoeZeum Walkthrough 2011

ShoeZeum OG Jordan 1 collection: