Spike Lee Kickstarter Adds Custom Jordans By Van Monroe

If you weren’t familiar with Spike Lee’s Kickstarter, he is raising funds for his next film.  Current goal is $1,250,000 and people have pleadged $1,014,207 to date (Aug 14th, 2013) with 4,784 backers and 6 days to go.

If you pledge $1000 it will get you 1 of 5 custom designed sneakers by “Van Taylor Monroe”.  If you are unfamiliar with his work you can see his designs here.  He appears to be more of a classic customizer, painting on AF1 canvases, and is definitely more of an artist than a sneaker designer, but his work is nice!

To hear more about the kickstarter for Spike Lee check here: 

Here are a couple examples of his previous work on Jordans:

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Here are some examples of the AF1 work that Van Monroe has created:4c12e0_78f700969b709c15933d786a50174e54.jpg_srz_448_305_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz Van-Monroe-Hugh-Jackman-shoe thriller-michaeljackson5 van-monroe-barack-obama-nike-air-force-custom-shoes-2