With the introduction of  new process for RSVP, it is only a matter of time before the bots will be able to read this an dominate our RSVPs again.

It is a small improvement on the old process, and I don’t think this will offer the confusion needed to prevent the bots from winning.  I appreciate Nike for trying to even the playing field, but this is another loss for those that truely want the product with out using a bot.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 10.17.54 AM

New process can be found here:


RSVP is Nike’s process to help manage product launches at Nike retail stores. The RSVP process provides participants an opportunity to stand in the participating Nike store’s line to purchase launch product. Nike’s intent is to make this a fair and fun process for all participants.

In an attempt to deliver a safe and level playing field, Nike reserves the right to ban any participants who make threats, harass or attempt to cheat or abuse the process by any means, including use of programs or scripts that provide them an unfair advantage. Please see the RSVP Terms and Conditions for more information on this policy and other important details.


On the RSVP launch date, a participating Nike store will send an RSVP tweet at a random time, which is your signal that the RSVP process has started for that Nike store. Users must be following the participating Nike store on Twitter to receive the RSVP tweet. This tweet will include a product-specific hashtag that is circled in the attached image. Users must respond with the complete hashtag that is fully circled in the image, not a hashtag with a circle cutting through it.

Once the RSVP tweet is sent, you must send a Direct Message (DM) to the Nike store in order to participate. The DM must include:

  • The complete launch product specific hashtag found circled in the image tweeted by the Nike store
  • Your first and last name
  • Your shoe size (limit one)