Replica Lebron XIs Already? (Questionable Volt Lebron XI 11) Close Up Look

Ok so we have seen the sketchy images of the Lebrn XI (11) Volt colorway.  It looks like a prototype, definitely not a finished product to me.  But is it possible we are yet again, seeing leaked images of fake sneakers before they actually drop?  Is this possibly the first pair of Fake Lebron XI sneakers we are seeing pictures of?

But this is my main reasoning as to why i think this is either an unauthorized or fake pair of Lebron XI “Volts”.  Look at the special insole.  you can see the air pocket is different.  I am guessing the lunarlon is also not real. This is something that is typical in a pair of fake sneakers, something as simple as the air sole not being right.  What do you think however, fake or no?



nike-lebron-xi-11-parachute-gold-release-date-30 001135538816_m

nike-lebron-xi-11-parachute-gold-release-date-10 nike-lebron-xi-11-parachute-gold-release-date-07 001135532090_m001135532566_m

nike-lebron-xi-11-parachute-gold-release-date-05 Screen-Shot-2013-08-06-at-12.58.48-PM nike-lebron-xi-11-parachute-gold-release-date-03 Screen-Shot-2013-08-06-at-12.58.15-PM-580x431


Photo Credits to: TB & Long-7

UPDATE:  After further investigating, i can safely say these are for sure Replica (fake , varient etc) Lebron Zoom XI (11)s.  they actually have 5 colorways from what i have found already that are replicas as of the date August 6th 2013.  Its pretty impressive they can turn around a product so quickly, and although there are many differences on these that the authentic pairs, these still fooled all of the blog sites to post the images of the sneakers of the replicas, including me.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 10.20.45 PM


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