“Never Wet” Product Test Review On Nikes & Jordan’s

So i wanted to give this product a try, i have heard magical things about how it can repel water and how there is fancy science behind this product.  So i gave it a try.  The Video below shoes my results.  Rust-oleum “Never Wet” is designed to be a 2 part application spray that allows you to waterproof various materials.  on the back of the packaging it shows its application to work boots.  So i wanted to test this on sneakers that every day people could wear and see if it actually worked.

Here is the original video I  was that peaked my interest in the product:

The retail cost of Rust-oleum “never wet” was $19.99 from Home Depot,  it is a superhydrophobic spray-on coating that repels water, mud, ice and other liquids.

I used 4 different test subjects while using this “never wet”:

Air Force 1 – Black Patent Leather

Nike RosheRun Mesh Sneakers

Nike Air Jordan IV (4) “Pure Money” Leather Sneakers

A Nike Print Tee Shirt

I can say from using this product, it definitely seems to be hit and miss.  It seemed to work on 2 of the 4 products, granted if i tried to do multiple layers of the “never wet” it might have ended up working better.

So the magic question, is “never wet” a good product for sneakerheads?  I would say, No.  No. and No.  Yes, it may “waterproof” your sneaker if you follow the instructions and steps to a T, and you are  patient.  But at what cost?  The spray does leave a “milky” layer of product on your shoe, and not only is it visibly noticeable (especially with black shoes) but it leaves a chalky texture on the material it touches as well.

So in conclusion, if you have a pair of beater sneakers that you take hiking, walking the dogs, fishing etc that you dont care about the appearance, then sure, why not give this product a try!  But there really is no reason to ruin expensive Nike / Jordan sneakers (As i have in this video LOL) testing this product out.  If you do buy the product however, let me know what uses you have found with it, as it seems the product can be very useful when applied correctly.


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