John Varvatos x Converse All Star Double Zip Review (Premium Leather Metal Toe)

These converse are unlike anything i have seen, granted, i havent been on the market for chuck taylor all stars, i mean ever.  But when i saw these i felt a magic connection to these, i had to try them on.  once i tried them on i was sold, didnt matter the price.  $170??!!  wow, i thought chucks were $30.  These were more than sneakers however, they were very fashionable i thought.


These Converse X John Varvatos Double Zip Chuck Taylor All Star have Premium Leather, leather i wish Jordan Brand would have on some of their shoes.  and the Metal Toe?  i would have never thought i would own a pair of metal toe anything, but the design simply worked for me.  It was a fun experience to find a shoe with NO HYPE, and be able to try it on and buy the sneaker, no hassle.  it was very refreshing, and it helps me know there are sneakers out side of the brands i usually buy.  it should be noted however that Nike owns Converse, so i didnt have to wander too far. :oP


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