How to Make Free Shipping Boxes For Sneakers!

If you guys are like me, and don’t sell many sneakers, then you wouldn’t know that there are resources you can use to ship sneakers double boxed for free!  Usually i would go to the store like target and try to buy a box there or even from UPS but it can cost $5 – $8 dollars just for the cardboard box!

This sneaker tip can be helpful for those who sell / trade and ship sneakers.  You can basically make free boxes out of priority boxes!  you get the priority boxes for FREE from the post office, you can also order a box of these priority boxes online from USPS for free!  Then you can follow the instructions in the video to make your own box for shipping.  The box number is 0-1095 for the USPS code that I used.

I saw MJO23DAN had a video on this and i wanted to try it out next time i had to ship something.  worked like a charm!

All you need is the 0-1095 box, a ruler, and a box knife!  If you cut this right, you wont even need tape for the box.  See below for details how!