Ebay Steal: $78! A Tribe Called Quest Jordan Retro 1 Strap Video Review

One of my favorite Hip Hop groups of all time! A Tribe Called Quest changed my idea of what music could be, and it was a random happening. I remember i bought The Low End Theory tape cassette when i was younger, and i didnt know who ATQC was, but i listened to the tape and it was so ill. i listed to this tape front to back. i then explored this group more and bought the older album and well as any future one that came out.

The Low End Theory was the only album that i purchased 3 times, I had to buy the CD once tapes were out, then i ended up buying the CD again after it was stolen.

This shoe represents hiphop at its finest from the 90s. altho the resale value isnt crazy, the influence from this group is invaluable.