DJ Clark Kent Hints New “112” Shoe This Year

DJ Clark Kent hints toward another 112 collaboration set for later this year!  1 maybe 2 sneakers.  Will see a Lebron X in the mix?  Remains to be seen yet:

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 9.55.37 AM

Many of you may know of the Lebron 7 / 8 “112” sneaker, some may not know DJ Clark Kent designed those shoes.  Others may not know that he has collaborated on many other sneakers, way before the Lebron 7.

His first “112 pack” was releases in 2008 all with the same color scheme Silver 3M, Elephant Print, and that laser lime green accent.  112 Air Max 1 / 112 Air Force 1 / 112 Air Trainer 1

112packnew3 112packnew1


The Most celebrated 112 Clark Kent sneakers, the Lebron 7 / 8

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So questions of the day is, who is DJ Clark Kent? What does 112 stand for?  Good questions, lets dig in a little.  DJ Clark Kent is a hip hop DJ and Producer (not every DJ is a producer for those wondering, some play music, others create it).  He is cousins with “Foxy Brown”, helped discover the rapper “shyne”, oh and he did a little work with a guy named Jay-Z on “Reasonable Doubt”  It is fitting that the most popular track on that album (IMO) “brooklyn’s finest” was produced by DJ Clark Kent.  And for those that didnt know, “112” is the Brooklyn Area Code.  (thanks tblake for filling me in).

It seems that sneakers and DJs are almost synonymous. DJ AM, DJ Skee, DJ Clark Kent, DJ Hes (lolol) but there are some that will just be on that next level, DJ Clark Kent has proven he has been and remains in that spot.

Some of the other sneakers within the “112” area code collaboration:

KixFiles2 KixFiles Nike-Trainer-SC-2010-Highsnobiety Bun-B   Brandon-Weems dj-clark-kent-x-nike-zoom-revis-41

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