3lab5 Retro Jordan 5 Discussion: The Hypebeasts Will Come.

These sneakers are such a hit and miss with consumers.  i personally love em.  Unfortunately as you can see in my video below i predict that these will fall victim to the hype game.  because of the limited release, these will be sold out quickly and people will the trying to flip these for well over double retail value.  Here are some more detailed pics of what is suspected to be the released pair.  we have seen a lot of variations of this sneaker in the “all elephant print” jordan retro 5.  This isnt the 1st pair to have a mostly elephant print upper however, there was the Air Jordan 3 flips and black flips.

Many consumers think the all over print is overkill, but i think the premium leather collar and craftsmanship of these retros do the famous pattern some justice.  The Price tag? $225 apparently, so what do you think will happen come release day?

Air-Jordan-5-Retro-3LAB5-081-copy Air-Jordan-5-Retro-3LAB5-071 Air-Jordan-5-Retro-3LAB5-081-copy-1 Air-Jordan-5-Retro-3LAB5-101 Air-Jordan-5-Retro-3LAB5-031 Air-Jordan-5-Retro-3LAB5-041 air_jordan_3_lab_5  Pic Credit: SoleAwsome

Air Jordan 5 “3Lab5”

Brand/Model: Jordan Air Jordan 5

Colorway: Cement Grey / Gamma Blue – Black

Style Code 385836-809

Release Date 09/21/2013

Retail Price $225


Here was my predictions for the “3lab5” Jordan Retro 5s before we officially knew the name was 3lab5.