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WATCH HERE! TOP 5 SNEAKER VIDEOS Top 5 Sneaker Every Man Should Own! I know this is a subjective list, this is just my thoughts! Leave a comment if your list is different! If you want to buy any [...]

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The first thing I have heard after making this video “sneakers are meant to be worn”. ¬†True! But why would you not want to preserve some of your rare gems for as long as you can? Or maybe you can [...]

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Best Back To School Sales! 20% off Nike Clearance!

I wanted to compile a list of the best Back to School deals going on right now! I will be updating this list often, so check back!  Follow me on twitter for release links as I find them @heskicks Nike: [...]

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How To Remove Sock Lint On Sneakers Tutorial! (Air Jordan 11s)

Wanted to make a video on how to remove sock lint from my Jordan sneakers. This should work on any sneakers and is a really easy way to remove the lint that is stuck on sneakers that can’t get removed [...]

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Sneakerheads Amino App Review: Great Community App!

I wouldn’t have made this vid if I didn’t think this app was dope, definitely check it out, it is a community based app that is different than other sneakers apps! I give you a run down of the app [...]

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How To Clean Sneakers Tutorial! (Adidas Boost w/ Easy Cleaner Review)

This is a video tutorial on how to clean your sneakers using Angelus Easy Cleaner. I show you specifically how to clean your adidas Pure Boost 2s and the boost material. The product gives you the most bang for your [...]

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