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#CollectiveDeals On Sneakers 8/9/15: Asics, Adidas Boost, Jordans

Below are some #CollectiveDeals that I shared though the week on twitter! Some of the deals are sold out, some are still available, happy shopping! Clearance Deal: Asics Gel-Lyte V for $70 shipped! ($40 off!) — Heskicks (@Heskicks) [...]

August 10, 2015 heskicks Collective Thoughts, CollectiveDeals, Sneaker Deals, Sneaker Discount Codes, Sneaker Steals And Deals 0
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10 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Instagram has been a way for numerous people to put themselves out there and grow a name for themselves. We all know about Perfect Pair. Soley Ghost, etc. This list won’t be accounts like those. My goal is to show [...]

July 20, 2015 admin Collaboration, Collective Kicks, Collective Thoughts, Jordan Brand, Jordan Lifestyle, Kanye West, Misc Nike Lifestyle, Nike, Nike Basketball, Nike Dunk SB, Nike Foamposite, Nike LifeStyle, Nike Running, Nike SB, NikeLab, Retro, Sample, Streetwear, Uncategorized 0

Collective Thoughts July Edition

Collective Kicks is back with another edition of Collective Thoughts! We recently had an OG writer return to the staff, TheGmoney041.  I’ll have his social media accounts linked below under Topic #1, please feel free to subscribe and follow!  I [...]

July 17, 2015 pjeung Collective Thoughts 0

Collective Thoughts June Edition

What’s going on everybody, it’s that time of the month again! We are back with another edition of Collective Thoughts, and we’re covering everything from Jordan Brand’s 2016 Legacy Collection due in the spring, to the highly anticipated Yeezy 350 [...]

June 26, 2015 pjeung Collective Thoughts 0

Collective Thoughts May Edition

What is up everybody, Collectivekicks is back again with another episode of Collective Thoughts.  We got some interesting topics this week, so without further ado, let’s get to this month’s responses!!! Topic #1: There were some pretty good Memorial Weekend [...]

May 31, 2015 pjeung Collective Thoughts 0

Collective Thoughts April Edition

Collectivekicks is back with another edition of Collective Thoughts!  This month we discuss what we think of the Jordan Remastered Series thus far, and also we talk about our most memorable sneaker steals and not so steals lol!  I hope [...]

April 28, 2015 pjeung Collective Thoughts 0
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Collective Chicks: Female Sneaker Collectors Don’t Get Enough Cred

Collective Chicks Weekly Thoughts: In a very male dominated industry, females often get overlooked and people assume we all have some sort of attraction to the color pink. While I have nothing against pink, I prefer blue, black, red, etc., and those [...]

March 19, 2015 SIsmiley07 Collective Thoughts, Girls In Sneakers, Grade School 0

Collective Thoughts March Edition

This month’s Collective Thoughts are going to consist of some pretty “personal” topics.  The topics for March will tell a lot about each writer’s personal style and preference when it comes to sneakers. We do have a new member to [...]

March 12, 2015 pjeung Collective Thoughts 0
ck feb

Collective Thoughts February Edition

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of the month again!  Collectivekicks is back with another edition of Collective Thoughts. With it being NBA All Star Weekend and Valentines Day on Saturday, this month’s topics are directly inspired by those two aforementioned [...]

February 15, 2015 pjeung Collective Thoughts 0

Collective Thoughts January Edition

Before I begin, I’d like to introduce 4 members of the CollectiveKicks Writing Staff that will be participating for the 1st time in this segment!  We have 708ChicagoSole, bangobuck, depetreeko, mofo_eskimo, and NJ_McGowan!  Thanks again guys for participating in this [...]

January 4, 2015 pjeung Collective Thoughts 0
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