Is Nike Making a Comeback?

We all know Nike isn’t going anywhere and won’t be moved off the top spot any time soon.  But for those who have been paying attention to adidas’ recent momentum, or as the kids call it “wave”, it’s becoming harder and harder for fans of the swoosh to argue against Nike falling off.

But hold on a second… with NMDs sitting like never before, Ultra Boosts going on sale, and Yeezys losing their hype, is adidas starting to lose steam?  Not only that, Nike has recently come with some serious heat as of late with some of their recent retros and collaborations.  I feel like it all started fittingly with the Air Max 1.  We had the OG red and blue Air Max 1 start it all of, and from there the Silver Bullet and Gold Metallic Air Max 97s were a tremendous hit as well. The Vapormax was a little gimmicky in my opinion, but it is still selling surprisingly well regardless and most find the model pretty comfortable as well. (the Clot Vapormax collab was pretty fire too in my opinion)

Nike also recently debuted their newest foam cushion system, and I’m not talking about React foam which has gotten mixed reviews at best.  ZoomX, wonderfully reviewed by our guy Heskicks (CLICK HERE), has been stated to be possibly more comfortable and more responsive than Boost.  Although Hes did mention some negatives with the Vaporfly 4% with ZoomX model, I believe if properly implemented, ZoomX might have a chance at dethroning Boost.  Only time will tell!

It really feels like Nike is taking back some of that momentum adidas took in the past couple of years with some of their recent releases.  Even their recent collabs have done extremely well.  The retro of the Atmos Air Max 1 Elephant Print, the Tom Sachs Mars Yard 2.0s, and the upcoming collaboration with Off-White is becoming one of the most anticipated releases of the year!  Can Nike keep this going?  I hope so, I really do.  Competition like this will bring out the best in both Nike and adidas and there is really only one major winner if that continues to happen, us!

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