First Impressions of the Big Baller Brand ZO2 via Urban Necessities

-exclusive look at the Big Baller Brand ZO2-


Say what you want about the Ball family and their polarizing Big Baller Brand, but when they decided to have a pop up shop/meet and greet at the go to sneaker consignment shop in Las Vegas, Urban Necessities, it was pure pandemonium.

Fans from all over were waiting since as early as 3 AM (the event started at 11 AM), and the line was 500 plus deep when the event got under way.  Before I get into my impressions of the ZO2, I have to say Lavar’s personality was definitely larger than life, and he’s a really nice guy who went that extra mile for any fan that stopped him to say hi or take a picture.  Lonzo, LaMelo, and LiAngelo were all pretty reserved and quiet, but were also very nice and made themselves accessible to their fans.

-the Ball family signing merch-


Now onto the sneaker.  I know most are curious how that cushion feels like and to my surprise it had a nice rebound to it when I squished it with my thumb.  It’s obviously not built like how a boost midsole is molded with individual boost pellets, but it felt nice and compressed easily.  Yes, appearance wise, it does have a strong resemblance to Sketchers Burst midsoles.  I was pleasantly surprised though how much the midsole bounced back and makes me curious how it actually performs.

The upper is your typical fuse upper.  It was pretty pliable for a fuse, didn’t feel stiff or rigid at all in hand.  The interior padding is very plush.  The overall weight was a little heavier than I expected, especially for a low top.  Based on its pattern, the traction looks like it will perform well.  Obviously, pattern design isn’t everything, and there really isn’t a way to say for sure without testing them out on court.

-good look at the BBB ZO2 midsole-


-a look inside the BBB ZO2, interior heel padding was plush!-


-the BBB ZO2 Traction-


-the heel of the BBB ZO2-


Overall, it’s a very well constructed shoe, I don’t foresee Lonzo having the ZO2 fall apart on him mid-game or anything ridiculous like that.  Do I think it’s worth $495? No, it’s honestly probably more of $120-$150 shoe, but in no way did it feel like some Payless knock off either.  The UN has the ZO2 I had in hand in their Heat Locker now. UPDATE: One lucky fan recently just won the pair from UN’s Heat Locker!  

-this BBB ZO2 sample is ready to be won by one lucky fan!-


-and it looks we have a winner!- (courtesy of the UN’s IG)-


I want to give a big thank you to Jaysse Lopez and everybody over at the UN for letting me cover this unforgettable event and get an exclusive look at shoe!  Appreciate it family!

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