Is This the Year a Holiday Air Jordan 11 Release Sits?

Let’s be honest, Jordan Brand hasn’t exactly been on fire as far as their recent retros go.  Heskicks recently put out a vid on the Top 5 reasons he stopped buying Jordan Retros (CLICK HERE) and I agree with him 100%.

Can you name the last Jordan Retro that sold out? Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Minus some Jordan 1 OG Highs and the Jordan 11 holiday release (Space Jams last year), it really is hard to recall.  Which brings me to this year’s holiday release, or shall I say releases.  We get a UNC themed Jordan 11 with navy blue patent leather, a white upper, and hits of UNC blue.  Then we get that all-red Carmelo Anthony PE that everybody was hyped up for a few years back.  5 years ago, these would sell out no question.  2017?  Hmm….

First off, they both appear to feature the high patent cut, that honestly was met with mixed reactions at best. Secondly, there were rumors that the Concord Jordan 11s would be the holiday release this year, and it’s more than possible that inside sources mixed up the navy patent leather with black patent leather and assumed it was going to be the Concords.  That could be a real let down for some.  Lastly, Jordan Brand is late to the party by bringing out the all-red Jordan 11 this year.  Some still like the all-red look, but the hype for all-red shoes has significantly died down since the craze first starting gaining momentum with the Red Octobers in 2014.

While I personally think both pairs will sellout with some ease, it’s stillvery much possible in my eyes that one of them could sit for a second, which would historical and unprecedented. (my money would be on the UNC joints)

Do you think this is a possibility? I guess we’ll all find out this upcoming holiday season.


Image via Sneaker News/US11hustla