First Look at the Way of Wade 6?

Obviously the images below aren’t official or confirmed, but according to Mr.Black_Peach, the sneaker you see is our first look at the Way of Wade 6.  If true, the Way of Wade line is adding two features they’ve never used on the signature model, and that’s a knitted upper, and a mid-food strap.

I can’t quite make it out, but the midsole (EnFinisher?) has some branding on there that doesn’t say “Bounse+”, “Cushion”, or “Cloud”, which are Li-Ning’s 3 main sources of cushion for their basketball shoes.  Hopefully Way of Wade has upgraded in this category, cushion has been the WoW line’s weakest attribute thus far in my opinion.  On this particular colorway, you can see the two green pads of cushion behind the translucent outsole. (peep the mid foot shank as well)

If this is the Way of Wade 6, I am very curious to see how it performs on-court with the upgraded features it seems to have.  From a casual standpoint, I’m going to need to see more pictures before I make a final decision!


Images via Mr.Black_Peach

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