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Adidas Ultra Boost after 1 year interview:

How many days within a year did you actually wear these?

I did the math and a conservative estimate is about 250 days last year…averaging about 4 miles a day.

Did the boost still feel responsive?
They actually do. I don’t think I’d go running in them, because the sole is so far gone, walking around is still great.

Would you buy these sneakers again?
Short Answer: Yes
Long Answer: I’ll buy another pair when they stop being comfortable. There will probably be Ultra Boost 5.0 by the time I retire this pair.

Do you think they are worth $180?
There’s some sticker shock, for me at least, but I like to take care of my feet, since I walk so much on my commute. If you like getting your money’s worth, I don’t think you’ll find a better value for the money. They’ve lasted 3-4 times longer than my other energy boosts or supernovas..AND they have the continental soles now (which mine don’t) ,so you shouldn’t have to be afraid of the soles wearing out that fast.
How did they hold up compared to other sneakers that you wore for extended periods of time?
The sole rapidly showed more wear than my Energy boosts or Super Nova Boosts, like in the first 20 miles, but they only improved in comfort over time. The Energies or Supernovas only lasted 3-4 months of heavy use, before my feet and knees would start hurting. It takes a really long day, after a year of heavy use, for the Ultras to hurt, if at all, even though the rubber is straight up gone in one place.

Anything else you want to add, feel free!
I have zero regrets about buying my Ultra boosts. The only time I wouldn’t wear them is in the rain, which is does a lot of in Oregon. Hopefully the hype dies down so I can get them in a color I want, but I doubt that’ll happen anytime soon. 

Ultra Boost Pros
traction, continental rubber
breathable upper
Same model, new patterns = smart approach
very washable upper
** Did i get the right size? Yes! TTS for me, also have a size10 its fits just fine

some are very limited
squeeky on some surfaces
snug around ankles
attached tongue
Cage letters rub off
Very hard to clean boost
How will the boost compound be after 10-20 yrs?


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