Online Consignment Now Available via Urban Necessities!

The Las Vegas consignment shop that brought you the Heat Locker and It’s Popped are upping the ante once again! This time around, Urban Necessities (Website, Instagram, Twitter) is making the sometimes tedious process of consigning shoes and apparel as easy and convenient as possible, especially for those who do not live in Vegas. Before I go through the step by step process, make sure to subscribe to Jaysse Lopez’s (co-owner of Urban Necessities) YouTube Channel HERE for some awesome hypebeast sneaker and apparel related content!


Say hello to the UN Consignment Manager (click HERE), the one-stop shop for all your consignment needs!  So how does it work?

1. Click “sign-up” on the upper right hand corner and register (click HERE)

2. Once you are registered, click the “log-in” on the right upper hand corner of the screen (click HERE)

3. After logging in, click “dashboard” and then “my items for sale in the middle upper part of the screen (click HERE). To sell a new item, click the green “sell new item” button on the upper right.

4. From there, you will see UN’s database (they have mostly every possible product listed, if they don’t, you can contact them HERE or call 702-826-2286 and ask for your product to be added to the database so that in turn you can consign the product)

5. Go through the proper filters (Vendor, Men’s/Women’s/Kid’s, Type, and Title) until you find your product.

6.  Once you find your product in their database, on the very right, you will find a blue plus sign under the “sell” column.

7.  Once clicked, you can fill out the size, desired selling price, your payout after fees, and finally the condition of the shoe (new or used).  After everything is filled out press “Submit” at the bottom of the screen.

8.  From there, your product will be “pending” approval by the UN.  If you are local, bring your shoes in to have them approved by UN’s shoe guru and co-owner Cease Andrade (Instagram).

9.  If you are NOT local, ship the shoes (3680 S. Maryland Pkwy #128, Las Vegas, NV 89169) with a print out of the “batch” ID which can be found on your items for sale dashboard in the column before the “price” column and after the “SKU” column.  After Cease receives the shoes, he will either approve of them or contact you if the description is incorrect or your desired price for the product isn’t viable.

10.  Once your product is approved, it is automatically placed on the UN’s website for sale.  Once the product is sold, it will reflect as sold on your dashboard and you will receive an email as well.  If are local, you can pickup your consignment check which gets cut every Tuesday.  If you are not local, the UN will mail your check!