adidas Futurecraft 4D Cliff Notes

By now you have probably heard about adidas bringing out the Futurecraft 4d.  To save you time and confusion, here is a quick and easy summary for your reading pleasure!

-adidas teamed up with upstart company Carbon (backed by BMW, Nikon, and GE). Their 3D printing process was inspired by the T-1000 terminator from Terminator 2.  Video demo below via Carbon

-Regular 3D printers fuse layers of plastic (synthetic) together using heat, Carbon’s 3D printer uses resin(obtained from trees/plants) molded by oxygen and light which allows for much more complex, adaptive, and durable 3D midsole designs. The midsoles also look more one piece and have a much smoother surface compared to other 3D printed midsoles.

-Carbon’s 3D printer is also 25-100 times faster than traditional printers , meaning adidas can not only put out more elaborate 3D midsoles designs, but pump them out at much faster pace as well.

-adidas’ ultimate goal is to be able to cater to an individual’s specific needs by using Carbon’n 3D printer to create uniquely molded fine-tuned midsoles.  Generally speaking, they hope to eventually have specific midsoles for different type of sports and activities.

-300 pairs are being given to Friends & Family in April, adidas plans to release 5000 pairs by the end of the year, and 100,000 pairs made by the end of 2018!

-adidas states retail for the Future Craft 4D will start with a premium price, but they will work diligently to bring the cost and price down down the road.


Image via Engadget 

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