Kanye or Boost? Which is the Bigger Factor for adidas?

This upcoming Yeezy release should be interesting.  Am I talking about the Triple White 350 V2s? No.  Am I talking about a new upcoming 750 or the possible rumored midcut 550 Boost? No, I am not.  Okay, then I must be talking about the new Yeezy Runner right? Nope.  I am talking about these bad boys right here, the adidas Yeezy Calabasas PowerPhase. (yup that’s what they are listed as on the box)

Retailing for a very affordable $120 (no official release date yet), the Yeezy Calabasas Powerphase (the classic oldschool 80’s model looks eerily similar looking to the classic Reebok Workout) is set to release sometime this spring.  I guess we are truly about to find out whether or not Yeezy or Boost is the biggest selling point for adidas.  The 950 boots didn’t sell out , but then again retail on those guys weren’t $120 and they didn’t have boost either.

It will be interesting to see how the Yeezy Powerphases fare once they hit store shelves.  Will they sellout because the name Yeezy is attached to them or is boost truly life and because the Powerphases lack adidas’ go to cushion they will collect dust and hit clearance racks? I guess only time will tell.


Image via Sneaker News

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