COUNTERPOINT: Why adidas BOOST will continue to flourish in 2017


My good friend, and fellow Collective Kick’s colleague, Paul aka PJeung, put out quite the polarizing piece today. Although my opinions tend to align with Paul in almost every way, we both thought it would be a good exercise to look at it from the adidas side, and I thought I would add to the discussion with a counterpoint argument. Here are my personal thoughts, on how adidas will continue to compete for a larger share in the sportswear sneaker market.


adidas BOOST’s rise to popularity was an organic love for the shoe that came at the right time, and that love isn’t going anywhere

BOOST cushioning was first implemented in a performance running sneaker, the adidas Energy Boost, back in 2012. The Ultra BOOST was introduced in 2015, and was to be adidas’ flagship performance running sneaker, however, a combination of runners dominating and the rising popularity of knit uppers, made the adidas Ultra BOOST even more necessary for sneakerheads. It’s as if the wish of sneakerheads, looking for a pair of sneakers that offered the level of comfort from a performance runner with casual appeal, was met in the Ultra BOOST. Coupled with the rise of “athleisure” (read more here), the Ultra BOOST became the centerpiece of a fashion movement. This is, in a lot of ways, adidas’ Air Max moment.

adidas’ main objective is to be a staple in your closet

I still remember a classmate of mine in middle school declaring when she first meets a guy, she checks what shoes their wearing first, and then their outfit, before even seeing what they look like. She wore a white pair of adidas Shelltoes, with navy blue stripes, and thick, white, flat laces, with the tongue pulled out. Even growing up, as a huge soccer head, I always had a pair of adidas Sambas at anytime in my life, with a pair of Copa Mundial’s on the ready for the next pick-up soccer game wherever two goals were setup.

adidas BOOST sneakers are a staple in the closet for 2017, and adidas is trying their hardest to make this a reality. What is wildly regarded as oversaturation, could be regarded as adidas’ push to be in every sneaker rotation possible, from the die hard sneakerhead, to the fashion trend follower, even to the cargo shorts and polos dad. Heck, being a dad myself, I see friend’s of mine who could care less what brand and model sneaker their wearing, rocking Energy Boosts on the regular.

Whether it’s a YEEZY, an Ultra BOOST, or an NMD, adidas wants everyone to have a BOOST sneaker in their closet, and with the varying price points, production numbers, and varying levels of availability, there’s a BOOST sneaker for everyone because, as the sellouts and the shear number of colorways continues, it’s clear that everyone wants BOOST.


If two of the biggest brands in the world are competing for a larger share in the same market, the only people that really win is the consumer. adidas will continue to push varying price tiers of BOOST sneakers, while Nike/JB will aim to resurrect childhood nostalgia in each release, while also offering new interpretations of classic sneakers through the retelling of tales in the past, and through the eyes of artists and boutiques.

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-Jon aka MisterHYPE