Did Yeezy Jump over Jumpman? Not in 2016..

So did Yeezy Jump over Jumpman? I know, I am sick of that question too.  Bottom line? Yeezy has created so much hype, and help drive adidas sales in 2016 but shouldn’t be compared to the sales of a juggernaut like Nike.  That would be like saying “Did Drake Jump over New Balance?”.  Adidas is making major waves still and excellent Boost products are showing that the brand will have some lasting effects and longevity.

So no hate to adidas, love the brand and everything they are doing however, for those narrow minded people that don’t realize that Nike is still Nike, this report released today should level set your thoughts.

Nike reported 3rd Quarter results for 2017, and they are big. Increased revenue up 5% to $8.4 billion and the biggest news?  The Air Jordan 11 Space Jam was the most successful Nike / Jordan sneaker release of all time.  This proves 1 thing, limited sneakers can generate hype, however sales generates revenue.  The Air Jordan 11 Space Jam with the 45 on the back retailed for $220.  They sold probably 1 million pairs? While I don’t have any firm metrics, I speculate that adidas makes less that 25k-50k pairs of Yeezys for the larger releases.

I think the key to gaming the sneaker market is to create both limited releases as well as major releases of select product so the hypebeasts can say “you got those Space Jams? Cool, I got these Pinnacle Air Jordan 11s tho”.  It is important to be able to supply the masses with some colorways, but create some limited ones as well to maintain that hype for the trendsetters. Just my thoughts, what do you think?

Source: Nike News

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