The Way of Wade 5 “All-Star” Drops on February 18th!

Dwyane Wade has been a perennial all-star for the past 10 plus years, and while he will not be a part of this year’s festivities (barring an injured all-star replacement), Way of Wade will still be releasing the sneaker Dwyane Wade would have rocked in this year’s all-star game.

The Way of Wade 5 “All-Star” will be limited, but definitely not as limited as the Way of Wade 4 “All-Star” (only 100 pairs) which I am still a little salty for not being able to cop last year.  This year’s All-Star shoe comes equipped with a full on xeno like upper.  The iridescent effect isn’t a subtle 3m reflective material like on most of the Way of Wade 5s, the All-Star 5s have a more direct 3m xeno effect and it really, I mean REALLY  pops.

The Wow 5 “All-Star” is set to release Saturday, February 18th, 2016.  Price hasn’t been officially announced yet, but being a that it is a special edition sneaker it may jump up $10-$20 from the normal $160 WoW 5s are priced at.

Image via nile_patrick

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