Here is a video Guide to every single Air Jordan from the Air Jordan 1 to the Air Jordan 31. I wanted to create a quick reference guide to those that are newer to sneakers that maybe did not get the opportunity to see Michael Jordan play in his Air Jordans.  I go over every Air Jordan in and this video and some brief details about each model.
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Year Model Facts Original Retail Price Current Retail Price  Designer
85 Air Jordan 1 Banned by NBA $65.00 $160.00 Peter Moore
86-87 Air Jordan 2 No Swoosh, Italian Leather $105.00 $190.00 Bruce Kilgore Peter Moore
88 Air Jordan 3 Elephant Print, Tinker Hatfield, slam dunk contest $100.00 $190.00 Tinker Hatfield
89 Air Jordan 4 1st model with overmolded mesh, Tinker Hatfiled $110.00 $190.00 Tinker Hatfield
90 Air Jordan 5 1st clear rubber sole, inspired by Super marine Spitfire MkVIII Fighter plane $125.00 $190.00 Tinker Hatfield
91 Air Jordan 6 Jordans first title, spoiler on the back $125.00 $190.00 Tinker Hatfield
92 Air Jordan 7 Dream Team Olympics, no 23, #9, Afropop poster inspired $125.00 $190.00 Tinker Hatfield
93 Air Jordan 8 First 3peat, first with straps, no nike sign $125.00 $190.00 Tinker Hatfield
93 Air Jordan 9 represented JB going global, different languages, Retired – Killroy $125.00 $190.00 Tinker Hatfield
94 Air Jordan 10 The Return, Toe Cap removed, not approved by MJ, accomplishments on bottom, city pack $125.00 $190.00 Tinker Hatfield
95-96 Air Jordan 11 4th title, 72-10, iconic madness $125.00 $225.00 Tinker Hatfield
96 Air Jordan 12 Flu game, japanese rising sun, 1st J w/ zoom no air $135.00 $190.00 Tinker Hatfield
97-98 Air Jordan 13 He got game, Panther paw, hologram $150.00 $190.00 Tinker Hatfield
98-99 Air Jordan 14 Last Shot, Ferrari F355F1 inspired $150.00 $190.00 Tinker Hatfield
99-00 Air Jordan 15 to continue or not? Tongue for MJs Tongue, X-15 fighter plane $150.00 $190.00 Tinker Hatfield
2001 Air Jordan 16 Shroud, patent leather, clear soles inspiration from 5, 11, 14 $160.00 $250.00 Wilson Smith III
2002 Air Jordan 17 Briefcase, Wilson Smith, austin martin, & Jazz inspired $200.00 $250.00 Wilson Smith III
2003 Air Jordan 18 one upper suede, last sneaker AJ wore, came w suede brush, race car driving shoe inspired Tate Kuerbis $175.00 Tate Kuerbis
2004 Air Jordan 19 Tate Kuerbis black mamba inspired, tech flex $165.00 Tate Kuerbis
2005 Air Jordan 20 Tinker, Laser, story of MJ career, IPS – Independent Pod Suspension, that strap $175.00 Tinker Hatfield
2006 Air Jordan 21 sports car inspired, Bentley GT Coup, italian suede, IPS evloved, removable zoom $175.00 D’Wayne Edwards
2007 Air Jordan 22 removable air to zoom, F-22 Raptor Strike Fighter jet, $175.00 D’Wayne Edwards
2008 Air Jordan 23 fingerprint, signature, DNA strands, very detailed design last numerical model til XX8 $185.00 Tinker Hatfield
2009 Air Jordan 24 2009, Fencing inspired, , Articulated Propulsion Technology, or APT $190.00 Jason Mayden
2010 Air Jordan 25 2010, Tinker, See thru opponents, DWADE, 25th anniversary $170.00 Tinker Hatfield
2011 Air Jordan 26 2011 tech heavy, 2 midsoles Be Quick (zoom) Explosive (air), NikeID 1st Jordan flagship, italian leather $170.00 Tom Luedecke Tinker Hatfield
2012 Air Jordan 27 2012 first time with Flywire, wing tip dress shoes inspired, Choose your flight, fully custom $180.00 Tom Luedecke Tinker Hatfield
2013 Air Jordan 28 XX8 Military boot inspired, most tested, lightest Jordan ever, shroud, flight plate, carbon fiber, wesbrook $250.00 Tinker Hatfield Josh HEard
2014 Air Jordan 29 XX9 Flyweave, and evolved Flight Plate. $225.00 Tinker Hatfield
2015 Air Jordan 30 XXX Lenticular toe, flight speed transition, knit and woven upper $200.00 Tinker Hatfield
2016 Air Jordan 31 XXX1 inspired by the AJ1, Swoosh and Jumpman, Wings logo all at once $185.00 Tate Kuerbis

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