adidas Yeezy 350 Boost V2 Black/Red Review & Comparison to Black/White V2

So I was able to pickup a pair of the new adidas Yeezy 350 Boost V2 Black/Red from my local Finishline (s/o to Finishline for NOT letting me use my Winners Circle Rewards smh) and thought I’d share my thoughts on them and let you know any differences I noticed from the initial run of V2s. (I have a pair in the Black/White colorway).

First things first, the fit is a little different.  The new  Black/Red V2 runs ever so slightly longer than my Black/White V2.  I don’t think I’d change sizes, but if the older V2s ran slightly too small or slightly too big for you than this information might be helpful.

The next thing I noticed is that the primeknit is also a little softer on the newer V2. (might be the reasoning for the slightly roomier fit)  It felt a little thinner and less “sweatery” if that makes any sense compared to the Black/White V2.  You can also see a flatter knit where the paint stripe should be on the upper of the newer V2.  I kind of wish they would have been consistent with the knit pattern, it almost looks like they forgot to paint in the stripe.  Some may prefer that look, it just looked a little unfinished to me.  They both feel great on feet though, no major difference there.

Finally, you have the polarizing “additional” V1 pull strap.  Do I like it? Um, no.  It’s a bit overkill in my opinion.  I mean you have the pull strap up top, then you have another one right below it? A little much in my opinion, the previous V2s have a cleaner look aesthetically honestly speaking.

Below is a quick YouTube video I made and some additional pictures, please check it out if you are interested.  (Please do not expect Heskicks or Jennizerr type production or quality, you won’t find that here lol)



Images via pjeung23

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