It’s Going to be Poppin’ on Black Friday at Urban Necessities

I’ve posted a lot of articles on Urban Necessities, my go-to local sneaker consignment shop in Las Vegas.  Most of the special events, contests, and giveaways they have are in-store, so they aren’t really relevant for those who live outside of Las Vegas.  Welp, that’s all about to change starting this Black Friday, November 25th, 2016.  

The UN is opening their Black Friday event to people outside of Las Vegas by letting folks participate online.  How are they going to do that you ask?



If you didn’t know already, the UN has a online raffle going on right now for $5 bucks a raffle ticket.  $5 gets you an entry into their online raffle which concludes at the end of this Sunday, November 20th, 2016. (I apologize for the late notice, was trying to get this article out sooner but couldn’t get around to it)

20 people will get $500 in store credit, while another 5 people will get $1000.  Winners will be announced by the UN on Black Friday, November 25th, 2016.

If you are interested click HERE for the direct link.


The UN x It’s Popped Special Release Online

The UN and It’s Popped have had a couple of very successful releases in-store.  What this collab is for those that don’t know, is simply a vending machine that has a set number of bags (costs $40 or $60) in them that contain at the VERY least a limited edition collab t-shirt and a free play on the Heat Locker.  Prizes have included Yeezys, up to $1000 in store credit, and much more!

-$40 Shirt (Yes that’s the Unstoppable Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson lol)

They will have another in-store event like their previous two collab releases, but this time around they are going to also have an exclusive online release of 100 bags of the $40 and $60 shirts (plus shipping), first come first serve.  For the online release happening on Cyber Monday, they will be giving away Yeezy V2s (Yeezys V2s exclusive to the$60 bags), mini Nintendos ($40 bags), (yes the super sought after ones), $500 gift cards, and much more! 

-$60 Shirt (You can ONLY win Yeezy V2s with the $60 bags)

If you are interested in participating online, stay tuned to the UN’s and It’s Popped Instagram HERE and HERE.  They will put out links there on Cyber Monday.


*All in all, The UN and It’s popped will be giving out over $50,000 in prizes.  I think it’s awesome that they’re letting people participate online this time around as well.  As far as the in-store event, be there early.  I’ve seen people camp as early as 9 PM the night before.  There are a limited amount of bags, once they are gone, they are GONE.  Should be one hell of an event!

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