First Look at the Way of Wade 5 “White Volt”+ Release Date & Pricing Info

I wanted to wait until I had images before I wrote an article on the Way of Wade 5 “White Volt”. (the first WoW 5 colorway) Welp, here it is, an unofficial yet clean and detailed look at  the WoW 5 “White Volt” set to release on October 8th, 2016 for $160. ($20 less than the WoW 4)  The 3M hits are pretty interesting if you ask me.

I’m personally not too keen on this particular colorway, but I am looking forward to the model in general.  I am pretty happy they decided to drop the price down to $160.  What are your thoughts on the WoW 5?


Image via Zishao Mo/ Weibo

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