Sit or Sell 10/1/16 (Interactive Polls For Readers Inside)

This weekend is a loaded one.  We got another big lineup of NMDs releasing this weekend, supposedly 10 of them in total. (sheesh!)  I did write a piece a while back on the the death of the NMD with so many of them releasing, but they  have managed to sellout each and every single time.  Is this the week pairs of NMDs actually sit? We shall see. To simplify things this weekend, you can either vote that ALL the NMDs will sellout, or one or more colorways will sit.

Jordan Brand also hits us with a couple of 12s.  The OVO 12s will obviously sellout, being on Nike Draw pretty much guarantees that.  You can always vote SIT if you want, maybe you think the shoe is ugly, maybe you just don’t like Drake lol.  Finally, JB hits us with the ready for winter “Wool” 12s, which has garnered mixed reactions.  Let’s go ahead and get into this week’s releases!


adidas NMD XR1 “Glitch Camo” ($140), adidas NMD XR1 “Utility Black” ($140), adidas Women’s NMD XR1 “Unity Pink” ($140), adidas NMD “Vapour Steel” ($120), adidas NMD “Tech Earth” ($120), adidas NMD “Tech Ink” ($120), adidas NMD “Navy” ($120), adidas NMD “Core Black Blue Tab” ($120), adidas NMD C1 TR “Black” ($ TBD), adidas NMD C1 TR “Grey” ($ TBD)

CK Readers (7-1):

Will any adidas NMD this weekend SIT or will ALL adidas NMDs SELL this weekend?

  • 1 or more SIT (63%, 57 Votes)
  • ALL SELL (37%, 33 Votes)

Total Voters: 90

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 sismiley07/Jennizerr (7-1): SIT. It’s time the NMD doesn’t sell out online.


Heskicks (8-0): tough call, could all go either way, I am gonna say SELLon NMDs


pjeung (7-1): Not immediately like in the past, but these will definitely be gone by the end of the day.  I think there are enough uneducated resellers who are going to think they can still make a buck off of non primeknit NMDs.


misterHYPE (8-0): SELL. but seriously, the NMD hype is soo real right now, and even those chukkas….


Kicksreason (2-4): SELL I guess, but again, never seen anyone rocking them.


tina_weenie (8-0): SELL!



The Air Jordan 12 “OVO” ($225)

CK Readers (7-1):

Will the Jordan 12 OVO Sit or Sell?

  • Sell (96%, 102 Votes)
  • Sit (4%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 106

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 sismiley07/Jennizerr (7-1): SELL! Wish they came in smaller sizes.



Heskicks (8-0): SELL!


pjeung (7-1): Obviously the shoe of the weekend.  Even at $225, these will be gone instantly via Nike Draw.  Good luck!


misterHYPE (8-0): SELL. I just realized that OVO looks like an owl…


Kicksreason (2-4): I think the stupid OVO will SELL right away.


tina_weenie (8-0): SELL!



The Air Jordan 12 “Wool” ($200)

CK Readers (7-1):

Will the Jordan 12 Wool Sit or Sell?

  • Sit (81%, 72 Votes)
  • Sell (19%, 17 Votes)

Total Voters: 89

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 sismiley07/Jennizerr (7-1): SIT. They remind me of the nylon 12 that recently dropped.


Heskicks (8-0): Price point is too high, SIT on the wool 12s.


pjeung (7-1): Toughest one to gauge, I like the concept.  But how many people on the west coast are going to need wool shoes? lol.  I’m going to say sit, that extra $10 bucks will scare buyers and resellers alike.


misterHYPE (8-0): SELL. This may be a stretch, but i’m confident a monochrome 12, with unique materials, will definitely do well.


Kicksreason (2-4): SIT, especially for that price.


tina_weenie (8-0): SIT.


*images via Sole Collector

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