Forget About Being Lit, the Urban Necessities 2 Year Anniversary Event is About to be Popped!

The Urban Necessities (Instagram) 1 Year Anniversary Event was pretty damn amazing.  Don’t believe me, just watch their recap of the event from last year HERE & HERE. (Subscribe to their YouTube Channel if you haven’t already, they’ve really been upping the ante with their vids as of late)

It wasn’t going to be easy to top for year 2 that’s for sure, but Jaysse Lopez (Instagram) and the rest of the great people working at Urban Necessities are all about just that, one-upping themselves.  Trust me when I say this, the 1 Year Anniversary Event has got nothing on the 2nd Year Anniversary Event coming up this upcoming Saturday, September 17th.

Say hello to the “Popped” (Instagram) machine.  You’re probably thinking, “a potato chip vending machine?”.  Essentially yes, but you gotta dig a little deeper to see the true genius behind what Jaysse and his partner Sole Expo have come up with.  Let me breakdown what is going down come September 17th as simply as I possibly can.

-When their doors open for business on Saturday, September 17th, each machine will be filled with bags that will cost either $40 or $60.

-There are a total of 500 $40 bags.  These bags will come with an exclusive t-shirt that you can only find in this limited run of 500 bags.  Each bag will come with a scratch off ticket that gives you a chance at prizes such as a pair of Kanye West concert tickets(10x), a brand new Iphone (5x), $1000 worth of store credit (5x), and $100 worth of store credit(50x)! The ticket can then be used in a drawing for an exclusive hat that can only be had through the drawing.

-There are a total of 200 $60 bags.  These bags will come with an exclusive hand numbered (1/200) t-shirt that you can only find in this limited run of 200 bags. (different shirt from $40 bag)  Each bag will come with a scratch off ticket that contains prizes such as a pair of brand new not even out until September 24th adidas Yeezy 350 Boost V2 “Beluga” (10x) and all the aforementioned prizes plus more!  The great thing about the $60 bags is that all scratch off tickets are GUARANTEED winners!  Also. like the $40 bag, your scratch off ticket can then be used in the same drawing for the exclusive hat.

-One bag per customer limit if there is a line behind you.  If the bags are still available and you are the only one at the machine, you are free to buy as many bags as you like.

-Once the 700  bags are gone, they are gone.  No restocks, period.   The good news is Jaysse and Shoe Expo have limited collaborations lined up after this first initial run of shirts.  So, once one set of Popped bags sellout, expect the UN to have a brand new lineup of limited prizes and shirts to fill the machines.  If there is a t-shirt or a prize you particularly like, you need to go all in on getting bags since you won’t be seeing them again once they are gone.

What’s a 2 year party without a Yeezy raffle right?  Well don’t worry, the UN has you covered there.  Currently, they have a raffle going on for “2” pairs of Yeezys for “2” dollars a raffle ticket. The UN will pick the winners at their “2” year event at “2:22″ PM.  The “2” winners will be able to cop any pair of Yeezys off their 401K wall (pictured below) for $”2.22″.

That’s not all either.  Urban Necessities will also be debuting their brand new “UN vs. Everybody” shirt, designed by Vintaged LV. (Instagram)  The really cool thing about these shirts is that much like an Air Jordan 7 tongue, each shirt design is different.  Pictured below are five of the shirts, all with different designs! They are really dope shirts in hand.  The “UN vs. Everybody” shirts will debut at the 2 year event for $50.

That’s one hell of a lineup if you ask me.  An event of this magnitude may even bring in a celebrity or two, just saying =).  If you’re anywhere near the Las Vegas area this upcoming Saturday, trust me, Urban Necessities is going to be the place to be.

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