Dave White x Size? x Air Max 95 Collab Release Date

Dave White is finally back! If you don’t remember, Dave White released an Air Jordan 1 collab that was a crazy art piece that originally had a limited run and the hype was crazy, selling for over $500.  But then it became a GR (General Release) and the hype monsters didn’t care about them anymore.  That being said, it didn’t take away the beauty of the sneaker, still one of my favorite non OG Jordan 1s to date!  buy a pair here for pretty cheap: http://bit.ly/2c4N0Y2


Now fast forward to modern times, and we see he is back with a new collab with Nike Sportswear and Size? and I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair! He is a true artist and it is reflected with his sneaker designs. I absolutely love the Orange pair (Go Beavs) and am hoping to cop when they release 9/16/16!  More info to come.


Release Date: September 16, 2016



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