Adidas Yeezy Cleats are OFFICIALLY Happening

So they aren’t Player Exclusives eh?  Adidas Football US just tweeted out that the adidas yeezy 350 and 750 models will be coming out in cleat form soon!  No official release date or pricing was announced. (rumors are swirling that the 350s will be $250 and the 750s will be $300)

Will the Yeezy cleats do better than the Jordan Retro cleats that sat and are now on clearance racks?  Only time will tell.  There appears to be no sign of Boost cushioning on either model, which honestly would be a little out of place on a football cleat so I guess it makes sense.  I’m sure the cleat will be structured a little differently as well, most likely offering more support and containment than their lifestyle counterparts.

What are your thoughts on adidas releasing these to the public. Good move? (I can’t wait to see the sole swap projects on these lol)


image via adidas Football US