Imagine if… The 2016 Air Jordan 1 “Banned” Sits?

It has been a while, probably not since 2009ish (CDP packs at outlets collecting dust), that I can remember Jordan retros consistently sitting.  We are now well into 2016, and Jordan retros are starting to consistently sit again.  Even certain releases that we at Collectivekicks thought would sell, somehow managed to sit.  It’s still very hard to believe Black Metallic 5s are sitting, or how long Flu Game 12s sat on shelves.  There are obviously various reasons as to why this is happening, but should Jordan Brand be concerned?  With the recent wave adidas has been on, if Jordan Brand’s iconic Bred/Banned 1 doesn’t sell out, I think they should be.

Obviously, people like myself will be ecstatic if these are an easy cop.  But genuine sneakerheads honestly only make up probably 1/3 of the sneaker consumers.  If the 2016 Banned 1s sit, it’ll definitely turn off the resellers and the hypebeasts.  The fact that nobody wants them, the fact that you can’t make a dollar off of them, will be embedded in the heads of resellers and hypebeasts.  While I don’t think this will happen, I’ve been wrong on many occasions with recent retros, so at this point, nothing would surprise me.  An OG branded 1 though?  Only $160 though?  Well, the Jordan 1 Metallic Navy is collecting dust hard, so I don’t think it’s inconceivable.  Improbable yes, impossible no.

So let’s say it does happen.  The Banned 1s magically sit for whatever reasons (Jordan hype down, people want the Yeezys releasing on the same day, Jordan Brand produced too many, etc.) As I said before, Jordan Brand at that point in time should be very concerned.  Let’s face it, as much as I love the new 31’s design, they aren’t flying off shelves.  JB’s main cash cow are retros.  If one of if not their top retro has trouble selling, JB at that point would have no choice but to go back to the drawing board.

I know it’s not up to me since I don’t work for JB, but a few things would have to change.  First thing is price. If big brother Nike is willing to swallow their pride and do it, JB should be willing to as well. Next, stop with the damn near every week releases.  JB is flat out being greedy at this point with the amount of colorways and how badly they’re saturating the market with so many meaningless retros.  Lastly, JB has to find a way to re-energize their current lineup.  The signature Jordan, Melo, CP3, Super and Ultrafly, you name it.  Either they have to get rid of some of the models, or drastically improve on what each of these models have to offer aesthetically and from a performance standpoint.  Quality over quantity JB, nobody wants True Flights.

Again this is all hypothetical, especially since I believe the 2016 Banned 1 will have no issues selling out.  They probably made more pairs of these than the 2013 Breds, but even then, these should fly off shelves.  I appreciate the quality of leather JB has put on this release, and I’m sure others feel the same way.  Regardless of whether or not these sit or sell, or whether you think this is a clickbait article,  I still think JB needs to reevaluate their retros and current lineup and think of ways to take some of the momentum away from companies on the upswing like adidas and Under Armour.  The easiest thing to do for them in my opinion, is to drop the price on retros, that should be the start.  A simple $10-$20 dollar drop would do a lot to win people back.  Trust me JB, ain’t nobody paying $190 for Jordan 2s! (nice try raising the prices on 2s from $150 to $190, you didn’t get that one past me)

You’re move JB, for your sake, I hope it’s a good one.

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