We Hit Up the TLOP Pop-Up in London

On the very last day of Kanye West’s worldwide pop-up event, we were able to check out the London location, and to our surprise, the wait was short – roughly 30 minutes – and the merch was plentiful. Typically, anything Kanye-related means long wait times and/or sell-outs. Maybe Yeezy’s influence in Europe isn’t as strong as it is in the States? That sounds ludicrous. In any event, the pop-up was held inside Kachette, an event space with beautifully exposed brickwork and two railway arches separating parallel spaces. Hoodies, long-sleeve tees, short-sleeve tees, bomber jackets, military jackets and hats were on deck, with each city offering their own unique colors.

The Saint Pablo Tour kicks-off in a few days and we’re curious to see what kind of merch is in the pipeline. Will it be the same product from his pop-ups? Will he partner with one of his designer friends like Jerry Lorenzo, Don C or Virgil Abloh? Indianapolis will find out soon enough.

Line outside Kachette

TLOP London pop-up sell sheet

Upon entering the pop-up

Merch available

Bomber jackets


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