R.I.P to the adidas NMD on 8/18/16?

The adidas NMD has been a huge hit for the brand with 3 stripes ever since it debuted late last year.  Every single colorway up until this point has been a sellout.  Yeah, you might see some pairs in-store depending on where you live, but for the most part, NMDs are near impossible to come by in-store or online.

On Thursday, August 18th, 2016, adidas will release 18 colorways of NMDs, including colorways for the new NMD XR1 model.  I think adidas realizes the hype for NMD can only go on for so long and come 8/18/16, it appears the adidas NMD will become their version of Nike’s Roshe Run/One. Remember the hype for Roshes when they first released? It didn’t last as long as the NMD, but I think the comparison is somewhat a fair one.

If adidas manages to sellout on all 18 colorways, I will be extremely surprised.  However, considering the momentum adidas has at the moment, nothing is impossible. (pun intended)

Do you believe 8/18/16 will be the end of the NMD hype?  Or is this just the beginning and the XR1 NMD is going to carry on the NMD hype?

Image via Hypebeast

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