First Look & Exclusive Video of adidas Toddler Yeezys via Urban Necessities

I go to Urban Necessities (the #1 sneaker consignment shop in Las Vegas and home to the OG Heat Locker) on a pretty frequent basis, probably about once a week.  A few days ago, my man and one of the owners of the UN, Jaysse Lopez (Instagram) wanted to show me some kicks that weren’t out yet.  We went to the back, he passed me a box which looked familiar, but the box was a lot smaller than I remembered.  I opened up the box and there they were, adidas toddler Yeezys.


*My apologies for the amateur video, (I’m no Heskicks, Jennizerr, or Kicksreason) I did the best I could with the little time I had lol.  I also just realized I didn’t use the term Yeezy in the entire video, my bad for that. ( I am a Kanye hater, but that was definitely not intentional lol)

In case the video wasn’t really doing it for you, here are some close up pictures I took below.  The only small difference I could notice were lace thickness and the boost not running full length.  Other than that, the toddler version is pretty spot on! A big thank you to Jaysse and everybody over at the UN for always showing me love!




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