Does Nike Need Something New to Compete with Boost?

Ultra Boosts, Yeezy 350 Boosts, NMDs… adidas sure has had some serious momentum as of late.  While they might not quite be nipping at Nike’s heels just yet, if the trend continues, the swoosh might just be looking over their shoulder for the three stripes quicker than anybody thought possible.  What’s the one thing all three sneakers have in common?  (No it’s not Kanye, even though he’s had a positive impact for sure) It’s Boost technology.

Nike’s newest foam based cushion setup is Lunarlon, and much like how it performs, it was great at first, but has since bottomed out rather quickly.  Does Nike need something new to compete with Boost?  You’re damn right they do. I’m sorry, but Lunarlon just ain’t cutting it, and Nike needs to realize that sooner than later.  It’s almost universally accepted at this point, that #boostislife.  Boost is a pretty versatile cushion depending on its setup.  It can be soft and comfortable for casual use, like in their Pure Boost model.  It can also be firm and more responsive, like in the Crazy Light 2016.  It can also be somewhere in-between, like in my go to everyday shoe, the Ultra Boost.  Because the cushion can be implemented in so many various ways, it can pretty much appease to anybody’s needs.  People might give different reasons why Boost is their favorite cushion setup, but more importantly, I think the versatility of Boost is what makes it widely accepted as the best cushion setup around.

Nike needs a new, groundbreaking, and ultimately sexy cushion that will appeal to a broad audience like Boost does.  I really hope they’re researching and developing a new type of foam cushion setup to try to compete with Boost.  In my opinion,  it’s going to have to be at the very least super comfortable, long-lasting, and versatile.  Unfortunately, Lunarlon only is one of those things.  What do you guys think?  Sound off in the comment section or reply back to us on Twitter!


Image via our very own Heskicks

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